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About Brazza Beverages

Brazza beverages, based in the Netherlands, is a company founded in 2021. The company originated while working as a delivery driver. One day, the two owners Tim Brinkmann and Brandon Blokdijk were put on a shift together without ever having seen each other. Here,  a sudden conversation about life ensued. In it it quickly became clear that the visions of the entrepreneurs were very similar. Both men were developing in very different fields. But at the same time they shared the same reason for doing so. Both men found it important to develop themselves well, and to work hard for that, but emphasized that you also need to take moments to enjoy yourself and to reflect on what makes you work hard. There was also an immediate sense of optimism. Both entrepreneurs had a passion for business and innovation. 

They talked about this for hours and eventually came up with many new innovative ideas together. Out of passion and optimism, things went very fast from then on. They founded Brazza Beverages which tells all the ingredients of the owners’ story. The various beverages serve as a basis for experiencing pleasant moments that help to achieve a beautiful connection, just like the owners. These various beverages have an innovative character and are developed from passion. This is why our motto is so important to us: Connecting people by developing the newest beverages with our innovative brands.


As Brazza Beverages, we support our brands in marketing their products. This goes beyond making your company visible through advertising. We develop innovative strategies that help you as a company to get into the market in a unique way.


As Brazza Beverages, we support our brands by looking at the story in an innovative way. This goes beyond the visualization that companies normally use. We also emphasize the connection between the different parts of branding so that there is a logic to the aspects.

Product development

As brazza beverages, we have numerous opportunities to develop products. Whether the brand is alcohol or non-alcohol, has a high alcohol content or needs to have a unique taste. We at brazza beverages can meet almost any requirement. We embrace new ideas and try to do what we stand for as company: innovation.


As Brazza beverages, we are aware of a sustainable world. With our innovations, we therefore constantly strive to find new more sustainable ways. In selecting our partners, we make choices based on sustainability.This enables us to create a network in which we all share the same vision of sustainability. So that together we strive for a better world!


We are also able to develop innovative ideas in the field of packaging. Here we have numerous partners who support us to meet many opportunities. Together with our brands we look for the best solutions to package the products carefully. Here we do not forget to look at the outside in a creative way.

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