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At Brazza Beverages, we do more than just market products. Thanks to our broad network, we are able to develop the product from start to finish. All this with an eye for our passion: innovation. As young entrepreneurs with an innovative outlook, we strive to create new opportunities within the beverage industry. In our view, this industry is essential for us to be able to connect with each other at beautiful moments.

Our Mission

In life, we are all looking for connection. Our mission is to connect people by developing the newest beverages with our innovative brands. We would love to personally sit next to you and cheers to all the beautiful moments, but unfortunately this is not achievable. Through our brands, we want to be part of your adventure. Be inspired by our beverages and enjoy the beautiful moments in life again, because realizing that you could have enjoyed more is the worst feeling you can imagine.

About Brazza Beverages


Brazza beverages, based in the Netherlands, is a company founded in 2021. The two owners Tim Brinkmann and Brandon Blokdijk had the same vision. Both men thought it was important to develop well and work hard to do so, but emphasized that you also need to take moments to enjoy yourself and reflect on what makes you work hard. They founded Brazza Beverages, which tells all the ingredients of the owners’ story. Brazza Beverages carries out activities in the areas of Marketing, Branding, Packaging and Product Development. Its activities also emphasize sustainability and growing together.


Growing together

As a company, we strive for great collaborations. From developing brands together to launching products on the market. We are open to anything. feel free to contact us!


As Brazza beverages, we are aware of a sustainable world. With our innovations, we therefore constantly strive to find new more sustainable ways. In selecting our partners, we make choices based on sustainability.This enables us to create a network in which we all share the same vision of sustainability. So that together we strive for a better world!

Meet the team

”As the co-founder of Brazza Beverages, I have a clear vision of what needs to be implemented to assist our story. This story is not only the story of our company but also the way of life.

I have always believed that marketing & branding is the new entrepreneurship. I have been developing this from a young age to now and beyond.

As being passionate about entrepreneurship, I am thankful that I was able to co-found this company with Brandon”

Tim Brinkmann

CEO | Co- Founder

“Throughout the years, I have developed in the areas of Finance, Strategy and Innovation. In this, I have also developed a passion for innovation, which is why I am looking for this a lot.

As a co-founder of Brazza Beverages, I think it is important to share our vision with the world. I like to see people developing well and working hard for it. But don’t forget to enjoy it and save beautiful memories, because these will be the most valuable at the end.

I am grateful that I was able to start this adventure with Tim.”

Brandon Blokdijk

CEO | Co- Founder

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